Art House Interiors in the creative result of Kyle Ray’s experiences in design, construction, automation, and architecture. Kyle began his career in home automation in 1996 after studying Business at Georgia State University in Atlanta. His first job in the industry was selling home stereos and TVs. He quickly moved up the ranks because of his keen management, listening skills, and attention to detail. In 2001, he was transferred to Charlotte to run the North Carolina region. In 2005, he formed a partnership with a local entrepreneur and managed, a multi-location 26-employee firm specializing in custom home automation. In 2011, Kyle’s passion for art and design led him to go back to school to study Interior Design and Architecture. He began his own firm a few years.

In his personal life, Kyle enjoys every day with his bride Melissa. Together, they have 6 adult children and 2 Miniature Schnauzers. Kyle and Melissa enjoy travelling, attending concerts and art exhibits, eating healthy, and volunteering their time in the community. Melissa currently attends school at CPCC’s school of Interior Design, and will one day join Kyle at Art House Interiors, forming the Charlotte area design power couple.